Grandmaster Chee administering a treatment at his surgery







It cannot be stressed too highly that Grandmaster Chee had a great reputation as a Healer and Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine.   His fame as a healer was well-known not only in Kuala Lumpur, but generally throughout Malaysia and even further afield.  He constantly received requests for healing of the ill from the time of his rising to the hour he would sleep.

Master Chee taught Alan – as a special and integral part of Alan’s personal martial arts development - to appreciate the connection between the healing and the fighting arts. 
Grandmaster Chee never lost an opportunity to request Alan’s presence with him at the Surgery when he treated patients for all kinds of medical conditions, directly highlighting secret martial arts knowledge to him while providing treatments.  Master Chee frequently wished Alan to accompany him when he went to purchase the herbs and raw materials he required to make up a variety of medicines he used, teaching Alan further esoteric knowledge about the close connection between the healing and fighting arts, thereby.
He directly encouraged him to study Traditional Chinese Medicine in as great a depth as possible.  Master Chee always wanted Alan to be present with him in his Surgery. For, he perceived that not only did Alan possess the mind to grasp the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and to be a gifted and accomplished Healer, but that it was in such an environment that he could best teach some of the deeper and more subtle secrets of the Traditional fighting arts.

He understood that Alan had the Humility and Compassion to train as a Doctor of TCM, and advised him to pursue his potential, which lead to his enrolment at the Shanghai University of TCM.  There, Alan studied up to and including Advanced level in various of the main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Tui Na, Moxibustion, Acupuncture, and Auricular Acupuncture, and not least Tai-Ji and Qi-Gong (specifically for medical benefit):
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Following Alan’s very successful graduation from the university, which had provided him with much important clinical practice experience in The Peoples Number One Hospital at Shanghai, Master Chee was able to elaborate many finer points of his teachings.  These points involved some of the more secret aspects of the fighting arts.


It will come as no surprise to those fully appreciative of the connection between certain of the healing arts of TCM and the more deadly fighting arts of traditional Gong Fu, to learn about the paradox that what can heal can also harm (to a small or great extent). 

Just as Grandmaster Chee was a renowned Healer, due directly to his expertise as a truly legendary martial artist, so as well, the secret and special technical knowledge passed to his disciple, has enabled Alan to become an accomplished practitioner, as a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and in particular acupressure and acupuncture