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Of all the many great martial arts accomplishments of Shifu Alan M Tinnion, the one of which he felt most privileged to achieve was his attainment of becoming an Inner Chamber Disciple of his beloved Master, Friend, and Mentor, Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong. 

Closely related to this honour, should be cited that of Alan being responsible for introducing and teaching for the first time in the United Kingdom, at the wish of his master, the special, high arts of the Wujiquan (called by his Master, ‘Shaolin Tai-Ji’: the Mother Art of the Tai-Ji) and Luohan Ru-Yi Quan (‘As You Wish Fist’). 


The fact that his Master had such a high regard of Alan’s depth of understanding and accuracy of knowledge of the details of these two fabled arts, and that he was a fit and suitable person to introduce them, has always been regarded with especial appreciation.  Being an Ambassador for these arts, underlined forcibly Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong’s regard for Alan as a True GUARDIAN of the Arts, Unaltered, and a Disciple in the highest tradition of the Lineage and the Arts.

Another particularly important moment in his development came in 1985 in Xian, at the First Open World Invitational International Tournament of Chinese Games where he became a Gold Medallist. This accomplishment particularly moved his Master, for Alan chose to represent his beloved Master in a very personal and striking way, wearing under his team uniform top, his CHEE KIM THONG PUGILISTIC AND HEALTH SOCIETY T-Shirt: the words being seen clearly on his back, the more so due to the transparency caused by perspiration.  His Master was dearly touched by this gesture, and was truly proud to see Alan displaying so well the arts he had taught him, returned so to speak, to the land of their origin.
Shifu Alan. M. Tinnion has also many other fine accomplishments to his credit in associated fields, but it was only those which saw him in the honoured role and position of Ambassador and Guardian of the Traditional Arts, Unaltered, that are most dear to his heart.
‘Dear Alan,

‘Congratulations on your fine performance in China.  I have only recently come back from Taiwan and a very happy and proud Mr Chee told me about your fine effort in China…

‘Your effort has vindicated Mr Chee’s confidence in you and as a fellow disciple I am extremely proud of your performance.  I hope you will continue to work hard at the art, but, most important of all, I hope you will make every effort to be HUMBLE and sincere in teaching and learning.  This will surely enhance your fine efforts to date….’

SETO KUAN MUN [Extract from a personal letter to Alan from a fellow disciple (17/10/85)]

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The greatest accomplishment of all on a personal level was for Alan to receive so much love and esteem for the way he behaved and his values from one of Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong’s character.  Because of his regard for Alan’s motives in learning, and the way he proved himself a Guardian of the Arts and the Lineage, coupled with the fact that he had come to know Alan had a photographic memory of enormous capacity for the accurate observation of the co-ordination and synchronization of movement and form, he taught Alan more of his art to an unprecedented level and extent, concerned his arts could be lost when he would die.  This fact Alan treasures deeply, not least because it stemmed from the realisation that his Master perceived Alan to be honest, open-hearted, and a giving and ever True and loving spiritual son and Disciple.
Shifu Alan Tinnion demonstrating the art of Wuji before a mass audience at the China Games
Shifu Alan Tinnion representing Great Britain at Xian Games
Xian Games, Opening Ceremony
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